Helping IT and Business Teams end frustrations and promote solutions on complex projects.

Tim is the co-owner of Pondera Consulting (incorporated 2008), a small women/minority owned business that provides System Integration Consulting, Leadership Coaching and HR Consultation. Tim showed great acumen for system integrations early on. While his career originally started in Calls Centers and Customer Service, Tim was always asked to help test and implement new software systems. At one point, after asking for his help on a troublesome project, a manager took Tim aside to thank him and said, “You see things that others don’t.” It was a defining moment in Tim’s life and he knew he had found his career. 20 years later, he has helped with some of the largest system implementations in the country.

Tim has always recognized that it’s his Customer Service background that helps him most in his career. Systems are built by technical people, but they’re built for business users. It’s his ability to know both the technical capabilities and the business needs, and act as the perfect liaison between the two groups, that provides the greatest value to his clients. Working with some of the best consultants in the world, within teams numbered in the dozens, every one of his clients still echoes the same compliment: Tim identifies and resolves design and implementation issues and helps ensure successful projects.

Tim lives in Idaho with his business partner and wife, Laura Alvarez Schrag, and their four incredible sons. They live according to the philosophy that every moment is a teaching moment, every moment is a learning moment, and respect for others above all things.